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Gig, as most of you know by now, came in 4th place out of 3200 participants in “Thailand’s Got Talent” second season TV show in Bangkok. Her YouTube video of that show’s 1st performance had over 2,000,000 hits in less than a month! It wasn’t just her looks and great voice, but the energy she performs with every time is what impressed so much.

Then there’s Markus the lead guitarist. Markus hails from Switzerland and has been playing in bands both back there and jamming with many musicians since he arrived in Phuket some 8 plus years ago. He brings a style that is a cross between Eddie Van Halen and Billy Gibbons to the band as well as his backup vocals providing the band’s excellent 3 part harmonies.

On bass is Glenn from America who has been playing music all of his life. A keyboard player throughout the 80‘s and now transformed to bass and vocals. Glenn has played in the Phuket International Blues Festival in 3 different years, playing 3 different instruments over the years. His strong vocals help backup some of the more popular tunes the band is now playing.

On drums, we have Charlie who hails from New York City and more recently, Portland OR. Charlie has been playing rock music for over 30 years and is the engine of the band with his strong rhythms and fills he adds to their rock music.

Gig & the Z

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